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GoatHerd Coffee

Tanzania - Peaberry

Tanzania - Peaberry

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🌟 Introducing Goatherd Coffee Tanzania Peaberry 🌟

Embark on a sensory journey with our exclusive offering of Goatherd Coffee Tanzania Peaberry, boasting tantalising tasting notes of Lemon, black tea, and fresh strawberry. Experience the extraordinary taste of Peaberry coffee—a rare gem in the world of coffee—with our meticulously curated beans sourced from Hasambo AMCOS, a co-op dedicated to revolutionizing the Tanzanian coffee production chain.

Partnering with Communal Shamba LTD, a pioneering social enterprise led by young Tanzanians, our Tanzania Peaberry beans bring you a truly exceptional brew that embodies quality, sustainability, and community empowerment.

Peaberry, known in Spanish as caracolillo, is a rare gem in the world of coffee. Unlike regular coffee beans, which typically consist of two seeds developing with flattened facing sides, Peaberry beans are unique. Sometimes, only one seed is fertilized within the coffee cherry, resulting in a single, oval-shaped bean with nothing to flatten it. This natural anomaly accounts for approximately 5% of all coffee beans harvested, and it produces a cup of coffee with a character all its own.

Originating from the Southern Highlands of Tanzania, specifically Mbeya Region, Mbozi District, our Tanzania Peaberry beans are meticulously cultivated by smallholder farmers, most of whom are part of the vibrant Ihowa Community. Through the collaborative efforts of Olam Specialty, Communal Shamba, and passionate coffee enthusiasts like you, these farmers are empowered to produce top-tier coffee, achieving nearly 80% higher cherry prices than the local market standard.

But our commitment to excellence extends beyond fair compensation. Communal Shamba actively engages in community projects, from revitalizing local schools to spearheading comprehensive health initiatives, ensuring that every sip of Goatherd Coffee contributes to positive social change.

What sets our Tanzania Peaberry apart is not just its origin story, but also its meticulous processing. Each bean undergoes a rigorous selection process, handpicked at peak ripeness and meticulously washed through a double-fermentation technique for unparalleled purity and flavour. Sun-dried on raised African beds for an average of 14 days, these beans develop a unique depth and complexity that truly shines in every cup.

As you indulge in the rich aroma and vibrant flavour of Goatherd Coffee Tanzania Peaberry, know that you're not just savouring a superior brew—you're supporting a community-driven initiative that's reshaping the future of Tanzanian coffee production, one delicious cup at a time.

Don't miss out on this limited opportunity to experience the essence of Tanzanian coffee culture. Order your batch of Goatherd Coffee Tanzania Peaberry today and embark on a journey of taste, tradition, and transformation.
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