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Colombian Half Caffeinated Blend

Colombian Half Caffeinated Blend

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β˜• **Indulge in Colombian Half Caff Blend: A Symphony of Chocolate, Caramel, Tea, and Malt Notes**

🌱 *Colombian Coffee Heritage:*
Embark on a journey through Colombian coffee history with our Half Caff Blend, blending the rich legacy of Colombian Dulima with the balanced sweetness of Colombian Sugarcane Water Decaf.

πŸ«β˜• *Flavour Harmony:*
Delight in the harmonious dance of chocolate, caramel, tea, and malt notes that define our Half Caff Blend. The exquisite balance of flavors creates a well-rounded and satisfying coffee experience.

πŸŒ„ *Reduced Caffeine Impact:*
Crafted for those seeking a milder coffee experience, our Half Caff Blend offers a 50% reduction in caffeine content. Enjoy the exceptional taste of Colombian coffee without compromising on flavour.

β˜• *Brewing Excellence:*
Choose your preferred roast type, and we'll roast and ship on the same day, ensuring you experience the freshest Colombian Half Caff coffee possible.

πŸ‘… *Tasting Profile:*
Immerse yourself in the symphony of chocolate, caramel, tea, and malt notes that define our Half Caff Blend. Each sip promises a rich and nuanced flavour profile, catering to every palate.

πŸ›οΈ *Order Your Colombian Half Caff Blend:*
Elevate your coffee ritual with our Colombian Half Caff Blend, where chocolate, caramel, tea, and malt notes come together in perfect harmony. Order now and experience the best of Colombian coffee with reduced caffeine impact.

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