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Colombia El Buho Sugarcane Decaf

Colombia El Buho Sugarcane Decaf

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☕ **Introducing Goatherd Coffee's Colombia El Buho Sugarcane Decaf**

🌳 **Colombian Coffee Heritage:**
Embark on a journey through Colombia's coffee legacy, where the cultivation of this cherished beverage intertwines with stories of tradition and innovation. From the early days of commercial cultivation spurred by Father Francisco Romero to the present, Colombian coffee continues to captivate with its rich history. Goatherd Coffee proudly presents Colombia El Buho Sugarcane Decaf, a testament to this enduring heritage.

🍋 **Tasting Notes:**
Indulge in the delightful flavors of this sugarcane decaf coffee, sourced from Colombia's Huila and Tolima regions. With each sip, experience the intricate layers of malt loaf, golden syrup, and vanilla, complemented by subtle hints of grape, creating a symphony of taste that lingers on the palate.

☕ **Decaffeination Process: Ethyl Acetate (Sugarcane Method):**
Our decaffeination process is as exceptional as the coffee itself. Ethyl Acetate (EA), derived from sugarcane, is combined with pure mountain spring water to gently remove caffeine from the beans. Through a meticulous steaming and rinsing process, the coffee retains its natural essence, ensuring a decaf option that maintains its unparalleled flavor profile.

🌱 **Gentle Extraction for Full Flavour:**
Experience the full-bodied flavor of Colombia El Buho Sugarcane Decaf, courtesy of our gentle extraction method. By preserving the natural structure of the coffee bean, we ensure that each cup delivers the authentic taste and aroma that coffee enthusiasts crave, without the caffeine.

🛒 **Order Now:**
Don't miss the opportunity to savor the legacy of Colombian coffee with Colombia El Buho Sugarcane Decaf. Place your order today and elevate your coffee experience with every sip. ☕✨


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