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Burundi Masanganzira Fully Washed

Burundi Masanganzira Fully Washed

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Burundi Masanganzira Fully Washed

Flavour Profile:

Delight in the exquisite notes of apple, pecan, chocolate, and citrus.


The Masanganzira mill, nestled in the Gashosho commune of Muyinga province, Burundi, produces this exceptional coffee. Managed by Pierre, a prominent local farmer, the mill has been pioneering the production of raised bed naturals since 2020. This lot is a unique blend of coffee from Pierre's farm and contributions from neighboring smallholder farmers who trust his washing station for their harvest.


This coffee undergoes meticulous milling and exporting by Ikawa Nziza. Established in 2013 through a collaboration between Cafex mill owners and Schluter, Ikawa Nziza is dedicated to enhancing Burundi's specialty coffee sector. Their mill, strategically located at a high altitude, is Burundi’s first specialty drymill, purpose-built to handle high-quality microlot coffees.


Experience the Rich Heritage of Burundi:

Immerse yourself in the refined flavours and expert craftsmanship of Goatherd Coffee's Burundi Masanganzira Fully Washed. Savor each sip and discover the vibrant essence of Burundi’s coffee tradition.

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