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India Ratnagiri Estate Cauvery Red Honey

India Ratnagiri Estate Cauvery Red Honey

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🌿 **Introducing India Ratnagiri Estate Cauvery Red Honey**

Embark on a sensory journey with the exclusive India Ratnagiri Estate Cauvery Red Honey coffee. 

🍈 **Tasting Notes:**
Immerse yourself in the delightful dance of flavours, as this red honey processed coffee unfolds on your palate. Notes of juicy melon and refreshing lemonade greet your senses, setting the stage for a complex experience. The journey continues with hints of velvety vanilla custard, adding a touch of sweetness, and concludes with the comforting embrace of a chocolate biscuit finish.

☕ **About Ratnagiri Estate:**
Established in 1920 and proudly owned and operated by Ashok Patre, Ratnagiri has been a cherished legacy passed down through generations—from grandfather to father and now to Ashok himself.

🌱 **Coffee Profile:**
This exceptional coffee is a result of careful cultivation and meticulous processing. Sourced from two distinct blocks on Ratnagiri Estate, the Cauvery varietal takes center stage in this masterpiece. The coffee cherries undergo a precise depulping process, followed by an aerobic fermentation that elevates the flavor complexity. Patiently dried for 26 days on raised beds, this coffee embodies the artistry and dedication of the Ratnagiri team.

👨‍🌾 **Ashok Patre's Perspective:**
Ashok, the guardian of Ratnagiri's legacy, describes this coffee with passion: "This red honey-processed coffee reflects the essence of our land. Specially crafted from the Cauvery varietal, it captures the spirit of Ratnagiri. Our commitment to quality shines through in every cup, a testament to the heritage that flows through our veins."

☕ **Limited Availability:**
Indulge in the luxury of Ratnagiri Estate Cauvery Red Honey, available in limited quantities. Elevate your coffee experience and savor the essence of this exceptional Indian coffee.

🛒 **Order Now:**
Secure your bag of India Ratnagiri Estate Cauvery Red Honey. Unveil the magic of Ratnagiri in every sip—a journey transcending time and tradition.


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