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Huskee Cups

Huskee Cups

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πŸβ˜• Welcome to the world of Huskee Cups! β˜•πŸ

Indulge in your coffee experience with our exceptional range of Huskee Coffee cups and espresso sets, available in both Natural and Charcoal hues. Crafted with care and sustainability in mind, our cups are designed to elevate your coffee moments while making a positive impact on the environment.

🌱 **Sustainable Innovation:** Our cups are ingeniously crafted from coffee husk, a natural byproduct of the coffee industry. By repurposing this waste material, we're not just reducing landfill accumulation but also supporting coffee farmers financially. With Huskee Coffee, sustainability meets style seamlessly.

πŸ”„ **Material Features:** Here's what sets our cups apart:
- Repurposes coffee husk waste, sourced as close to manufacture as possible to reduce emissions.
- Low embodied energy, making it an eco-friendly choice.
- Compatible with HuskeeSwap and HuskeeLoop for end-of-life solutions.

🧼 **Easy Maintenance:** Keeping your Huskee Coffee cups clean is a breeze! Simply pop them in the dishwasher for a hygienic wash. For stubborn marks or odours, follow our easy cleaning tips:
- Use a damp microfiber cloth with a dab of detergent for spot cleaning.
- Tough stains? Soak your cups in hot water with espresso machine cleaner for a refresh.

🎁 **Espresso Sets:** Elevate your espresso experience with our two-pack espresso sets, complete with saucers. Perfect for gifting or indulging in your daily caffeine fix, these sets are designed to impress.

🍢 **8oz Cup with Lid:** Our cups come in a convenient 8oz size, perfect for your favorite brews on the go. With lids included, enjoy your coffee wherever life takes you.

Choose sustainability without compromising on style. Experience the difference with Huskee Coffee today!

Order now and elevate your coffee game! πŸβ˜•

*Coffee not included*

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