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Brazil Tropical Bahia - Small Batch Sunday

Brazil Tropical Bahia - Small Batch Sunday

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🌴 **Introducing Goatherd Coffee: Brazil Tropical Bahia**

Indulge your senses in a journey to the sun-soaked lands of Brazil with our latest offering, Goatherd Coffee's Brazil Tropical Bahia. Crafted with precision and passion, this exquisite single-origin captures the essence of Bahia's highest elevations, delivering a symphony of flavours with every sip.

**Tasting Notes:**

🥭 **Mango:** A burst of tropical sweetness that dances on your palate.
🍓 **Strawberry Milkshake:** Creamy indulgence intertwined with fruity delight.
🍇 **Raspberry:** Vibrant notes of tartness that awaken the senses.
🍊 **Orange:** Citrusy zest that adds a refreshing twist to every cup.

**About This Coffee:**

Tropical Bahia is more than just a coffee; it's a testament to the dedication and ingenuity of its producers. Grown in the highest elevations of Bahia, this coffee encounters unique challenges, including high humidity and rainfall. To overcome these obstacles, producers employ an innovative approach, transporting the cherries to the neighbouring Caatinga biome for processing. During this journey, the cherries undergo a special fermentation process within a closed truck, resulting in a cup profile brimming with fruity sweetness.

**Meet Some of Our Tropical Bahia Producers:**

🌱 **Manoelito Ataide Santos, Fazenda Baixadao:** Inspired by his father's legacy, Manoelito embarked on a journey to become a coffee producer, channeling his family's knowledge and passion into every bean.

🌱 **Sidmar Candido Da Silva, Fazenda Campo Belo:** For Sidmar and his family, coffee is not just a crop; it's a way of life. With unwavering dedication, they unite to cultivate and refine their coffee, striving for excellence with each harvest.

At Goatherd Coffee, we take pride in bringing you the finest coffees from around the world, each with its own story to tell. Join us in savouring the flavours of Brazil's Tropical Bahia and experience coffee like never before.
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